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Appalaches offers you a variety of activities on, or in the proximity to, the site. Experience nature to the limit!

Alpine Slide
Snowshoe Hiking
Massif du Sud
Snow Scooting
Parcs des Appalaches

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Discover the depths of the forest by climbing the Grande Coulee mountain on 14 bridges along the river. We offer many trails depending on your wishes.

Access to the trails is free for all at all times. Thank for checking in at reception before your departure.

See the trail map

Parc régional des Appalaches

Located 50 km south of Montmagny, near the Maine border, the regional park of the Appalachians offers much more than a simple invitation to hit the trails.

Hiking, observation, bike trails, canoe-camping, campsites, and shelters are waiting for you in an enchanting setting. The Parc régional des Appalaches offers a network of 120 km of hiking trails.


This activity involves being dragged along by a dog during a hike in the mountains. Equipped with a harness, the dog is connected to the person by a leash about two metres long. Aided by the powerful pace of the animal, it is possible to travel longer distances without feeling fatigue, all the while enjoying the pleasures of nature.

Hiking Harnessed to a Husky Dog

  • 1 hours
  • Accompanied by a guide
  • Includes full equipment and access to footpaths


1 hour: $25/person

Minimum two persons, by reservation only, and with the opportunity to rent the equipment. We reserve the right to accept your dog or not.

Alpine Slide

Try our new activity: the alpine slide. This activity, which is gaining in popularity, has been offered at Appalaches since winter 2016.


Price: $38/person
Duration: 2 hours or 2 descents


Experience the attraction most coveted by our visitors! Our kennels are considered among the most beautiful in the region.

Everyday, by reservation, it is possible to visit kennel 5$ /pers. One of our guides will be happy to share his passion with you by explaining his methods of working with, and caring for, the dogs as well as the many activities offered.

Aboard your dogsled, here are the excursions we offer for your great enjoyment:


Discover the dogsled by going through dense forest, with conifers covered in snow. An ideal excursion for all ages. Appalaches guarantees a one-of-a-kind activity will leave you with lots of wonderful memories.

  • $70/person in pairs
  • $35/children from 4 to 12 years old
  • departures: 9h, 11h, 13h
  • add 25$ VIP


  • $90/person in pairs
  • $60/children from 4 to 12 years old
  • departure: 9h, 13h15
  • add $25 VIP
Cold-adapted equipment is highly recommended, the guide reserves the right to accept you or not. The duration of activities and preparation depend on climatic conditions; only the path length is guaranteed. The guide remains the guarantor of your security and the duration of the expedition according to his professional judgment.


Live large the snowmobile experience with our experienced guides or by yourself.

The package includes

  • The Grand Touring BRP 600 ACE 4-stroke snowmobile.
  • Gas and oil.
  • Clothing (coat, boots, mittens).
  • A helmet with visor and hood.
  • Insurance.
  • Access rights to the trail.
  • Professional guide services.

Rates with Guide

1 hour: $135 driver, $25 passenger
2 hours Moonlight: $170 driver, $35 passenger
3 hours: $230 driver, $55 passenger
Day (6 hours): $345 driver, $85 passenger

Rates without Guide

1 hour: $85 driver, $20 passenger
2 hours: $125 driver, $25 passenger
3 hours: $160 driver, $30 passenger
Day (6 hours): $255 driver, $35 passenger

The availability of this activity depends on the weather conditions. Three-hour departures are available at 8:30 am or 1 pm. Driver's license compulsory (21 years and over). Mandatory deposit of $1,500 per snowmobile: Cash, Visa, MasterCard (authorized). The customer is responsible for the first $1,500 if the snowmobile is damaged and $2,500 if stolen. Transport and towing not included. Reservation deposit required. 30% requested for rental, non refundable if cancelled less than 72 hours before reservation (not applicable if the tracks are not open).

Hiking and Snowshoeing

Discover the depths of the forest by climbing the Grande Coulee mountain. Magnificent scenery awaits you at the top. Many trails of different lengths are available.

Access to the trail is free for all. Thank you for kindly registering at reception before your departure.

Snowshoe rental: $10.00/person

Guided hiking tours are available by reservation for 10 persons or more.

See the trail map


This activity, cousin of Dog-Trekking, allows you to experience something different than traditional snowshoeing. Accompanied by one of our huskies who will help you climb the mountain, you can, while enjoying the scenery, enjoy a special moment with the animal.

Guided by One of Our Dogs

  • 1 hour or 3 to 4 km: $25/person
Minimum of two persons, by reservation only, with the opportunity to rent the equipment. We reserve the right to accept your dog or not.

Massif du Sud

Minutes from Appalaches and only one hour from Quebec City, the Massif du Sud offers a unique alpine experience with an amount of snow unparalleled in Quebec (600 cm of snow on average).

Winter sports enthusiasts will revel in a paradise of powder, with 29 tracks and a unique configuration of undergrowth. The resort has developed an array of ski products, such as the Catski Safari that offers an off-trail adventure unique in Quebec. Lovers of open spaces will discover 64 kilometres of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails.

The Massif du Sud

Snow Scooters

A new key activity for the 2015-2016 winter season: the snow scooter. This activity is similar to dog sledding, but you are alone on board!

With Guide

  • 1 h15: $40/person
  • departures: 9h45, 11h45, 13h45
Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice. Additional charges may be added if equipment is broken.